South Dakota Advantages

Expedition Trust Company provides personal and prompt trust services through an open architecture framework that encourages teamwork and cooperation with independent asset managers and other professionals.  This allows our clients and their families to maintain and expand their relationships with their preferred and existing trusted advisors.  Moreover, through our South Dakota charter our clients are able to avail themselves of benefits that may not be available to them otherwise.

For years, South Dakota has been considered by trust experts and estate planning professionals to be one of, if not, the best trust jurisdictions.  South Dakota is widely known for its financial strength, no state income tax, and strong commitment to being the most progressive trust jurisdiction in the nation.

South Dakota benefits include:

Mount Rushmore National Memorial on a clear blue sunny morning during sunrise showing all four presidents faces in HDR.

Other benefits available through a trust administered in South Dakota include top rated modern trust laws such as:

  • Domestic asset protection statute- which includes robust LLC/LP asset protection statutes with sole and exclusive remedy charging order
  • Dynasty trust statute
  • Decanting, reforming, and modification statutes
  • Privacy statute
  • Beneficiary quiet trust statute
  • Directed and delegated trust statutes- including statues enabling special purpose entity (SPE) to act as a trust protector, investment trust advisor, or distribution trust advisor
  • Trust protector statute
  • Broad and flexible purpose trust statute
  • Favorable insurance statutes